What To Look For in Your Online Date

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  • Sep 24, 2019

Online dating can be fun and convenient, but there is one issue with it, obscurity. We don’t really know who it is behind that username or photo and we certainly wouldn’t be able to pinpoint their personality from what we see on the screen. As a result, many are confused on how to go about this online dating thing and seek guidance on how to find the best online date for themselves.

To help with this dilemma, we have put together a list of things that you should look for in an online date, before you make that first call to take them out on a date.


#1 Respect

At the first message itself, you’ll be able to tell if your potential match is actually respectful or not. Note on how they make the first move, what their tone of language is like and also keep a check on how they address you. Keep the flow of the conversation running for a while to see if the respect factor is actually ingrained into the way they carry their conversations or if it was just a kick-starter for the conversation. You can usually tell pretty easily, which one is which.

#2 Honesty

Before speaking to a person who you’ve matched with or a person that has reached out to you via private messaging on dating apps, be sure to have a look at their details and make a note of a few small details that they have written about themselves there. Later, during the conversation, casually bring it up and see if what they say matches what they’ve said on their profile. That itself, is a good indicator of the person’s honesty. Honesty is the key to every relationship and honesty is one of the first few steps towards building the trust that your relationship will be based upon.

#3 Compassion & Empathy

When you speak to them, they should be able to radiate qualities of compassion and empathy in their speech. People who easily show compassion are more likely to think things through far more than others and this can be very beneficial to you in a relationship. You can quickly narrate a sad event that happened in your life and see how they react to it. The more empathy and compassion they show in their replies to you, the better the chance of your relationship lasting longer.

#4 Humbleness

Another factor to look out for is humbleness. Often, people who have achieved great heights tend to have a streak of arrogance and haughtiness about them. Such things can be detrimental to a relationship, especially if an ego debate sparks between the two mates. Always be sure that you search for someone who is willing to come down from the clouds enough to make the necessary compromises that is essential in every relationship, especially lasting ones.

#5 A Genuine Connection

This of course, is obvious. You’ll know within a few minutes into your conversations, whether or not the person that you are talking to is the one. Your gut feeling and first impression is usually correct so try to go with that as much as possible. You should be able to have conversations in vast lengths about what you both like, the interests and beliefs that you share as well as shared values. You may not agree with everything, but you must at least feel that there is such a mutual connection that allows you to be who you are and express your innermost thoughts with freedom and ease.


These are just some of the things that you need to look for in an online date, especially if you’ve only just started using such online services. These guides, although quite the bare essentials, would be able to give you a better idea of what to look for and in the long run, would help you build an ideal persona of the person that you are looking for.

If you have been on a dating site for too long and these tips don’t seem to be working, you may have been investing your time on a site that does not match your dating style or personality. Check out our dating site reviews to see which ones of these make a better option for your dating needs.

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