What If Online Dating Is Not For You

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  • Sep 24, 2019

Online dating is a fun world of meeting new people, interacting with a huge community and finding love on the other side of the screen. However, this new-age method of dating may not be made for everyone. Many a time, we have seen people who have signed up for countless dating sites, yet they have had absolutely no luck with their matches or any of their conversations. Then, maybe online dating isn’t really made for you.

Don’t be discouraged, online dating is not the only way you can get someone to be your life companion. There are lots of other ways that you can turn your love life around. Which is why we have gone to the lengths of creating a quick list of things that you can try when online dating does not work out for you.


#1 Join a New Club or A Gym

At a club or a gym, you’ll be constantly meeting new people and interacting with them as you will be seeing them on a constant basis. Talk to the people that catch your eye and find out the things you have in common with them. Once you’re able to speak to each other on friendlier, more comfortable terms, you can go ahead and ask a few more, slightly personal questions to gauge further on how compatible they are with you.

#2 Go Out With Friends

Hitting the town on a beautiful night with some pals is always a good option when it comes to finding someone new. When you go to crowded places like bars and lounges, the fact that you are with friends makes you more at ease with your surroundings and naturally, your confidence level will increase. As this happens, you would be able to go up to a person and strike up a conversation with them much more easily that you would on your own.

#3 Volunteer

Go out to a local shelter or home in your free time and help out. You’d be surprised to find that there are actually a lot of people who spend their non-working hours on charity and volunteer work. What’s better is that if you meet someone at a volunteering stint or at a charity event, you can immediately assume that the person has a certain degree of love and compassion towards others that drives them to want to give a helping hand to those in need. Now that you know that they have this desirable quality in them, it would be easy for you two to bond over your volunteerism and eventually hit it off.

#4 Attend Family Gatherings

Family gatherings may actually be the last place on your mind when it comes to finding a date. However, many have been able to find love at such settings, so maybe it’s best that you do make that trip down to see that uncle you haven’t met in ages, for their upcoming birthday party. And what is great about such events is that the person that you meet will always be someone who your family or your extended family knows, This way, you can get a second opinion on the person that caught your eye, alongside your own judgement.

#5 Play Group Sport

Yes, you read right, get out there and pursue a group sport that you like and are passionate about. When you attend such group sport sessions, you not only get to meet someone who may be the person you spend your life with, but also be able to enjoy your favorite sport with them as well. In such settings, you will find that you will have many overlapping, shared interests that you can turn into conversation starters to ignite the spark between yourself and them.


Online dating isn’t really all there is to dating, the old methods still work and what’s great is that most people who still go about things the old-fashioned way are usually those who tend to be more invested in their love relationships and would have a larger potential to stay with you for the long run. And if you do get bored of these old-school methods, our reviews of dating sites would be able to help you pick out a site that is suited to you, so that you can get back into the world of online dating in an instant.

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