Victoria Milan is a discreet dating website that caters to individuals who are in a relationship or already married. You can read upfront upon entering the site that it is for extramarital affairs.

The platform aims to help individuals seeking web affairs, casual flirting, one-night stand, or even a long term life affair in real life. It promises however, a safe and secured community where your identity remains secret. 

Victoria Milan has millions of members globally, mostly from Europe and Scandinavia. It was launched by Digisec Media Limited and claims to be the “World’s number 1 for extramarital affairs”. Many users attest to the safety and security of the platform.


  • Members are encourage to create fake emails to sign up so their identity will be hidden
  • Lots of anonymity features so you won’t get caught
  • Millions of members seeking extra marital affairs all around the globe
  • Members are encourage to be as honest as possible on why they want to experience an affair or why they want to cheat.
  • You can look for match in any location, any country
  • There is a “Panic Button” that you can click when you think that you will get caught by your partner and it will automatically go to another website.


900,000 from USA
Members activity
30,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
  • There are free features that users can enjoy
  • There is a verification process but members are encouraged to use fake emails specifically made to cater to the side
  • Profiles are mostly anonymous with its BlurTool and some information are concealed for confidentiality purposes, which is totally understandable
  • Profile completion is needed
  • The location, which is always visible, is base of the country of choice
  • Most members are single looking to have affairs with married individuals
  • Majority of the users are men but women users are growing by day as well
  • The site is LGBTQ friendly


  • Creating an account is free
  • Messaging option is for premium members
  • Easy registration
  • Featured users available for you to choose from based on popularity

It is very easy to sign-up and create and account in Victoria Milan. It roughly takes about less than 5 minutes. However, if you want to share important details on why you are looking for an “affair”, it is a must for you to answer necessary questions and complete your profile thoroughly.

Signing-up only requires an email and a unique or interesting screen name that you want to use. You can choose also the country where you live or the country where you want to meet people. All information can be edited afterwards.

There are questions like turn-ons, preferences, and others that you can answer. You can also upload a profile picture which will be under review but you have the option to blur it for privacy. After that, your account is ready and you can begin finding a match.


  • You can immediately begin your search upon signing up and completing your profile at Victoria Milan.
  • If you are a free member, you can only visit profile, check out the featured ones (which is posted based on popularity), give winks to other users, and add to favorites. You can also receive winks but you don’t have the access to know who these users are. You can also hop from one country to another. Each country will present different members in search, of course.
  • In order to communicate with other members, you will need to avail the premium membership in the platform. Here, you can also see profile of those who viewed you, wink at you, or made your profile favorite. As a paying member, you can also flirt by sending virtual gifts.
  • It is quite easy to search for users in Victoria Milan. It is very easy to use and has a nice user interface.


Victoria Milan app is free and is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. While the app is easily accessible, it is also very easy to get caught here too plus, the Panic button is not available here.

Both the app and the mobile version has similar interface and navigation feature. Same as with the website, they are very easy to use as well. The featured profile is up on the home page as well in the mobile app.


  • Panic Button to take you to a different site
  • Search by location
  • Option to change location and connect with members on different countries


Victoria Milan offers monthly memberships. The prices are as below

The cost for premium membership varies on how long you are planning to subscribe. Its membership is pretty much similar to other dating sites however, there is no one monthsubscription being offered here. The price significantly drop when you increase your membership time. Users can also pay using their credit or debit card or Paypal

Basic Profiles
3-month membership:
$19.99 / month
6-month membership:
$14.99 / month
12-month membership:
$9.99 / month


  • Your desire to use the site
  • The time you are going to spend on the site
  • The subscription rate

Victoria Milan specifically has a target market in mind and those people are basically looking to have an affair. The site claims it is perfect for people who want to relieve their passion through others, a passion that has long gone with their partner. However, when signing up, you should consider if this is something you really need or if its just for fun. Remember that this is cheating in all sense and your partner may always find out (with or without the use of panic button).

If you are just going to use the site for fun, consider your time frame of using it. This will also determine the membership that you are going to avail since prices for membership varies per month of use. The prices are not cheap either. As a matter of fact, for a cheating platform, this is one of the most expensive. While price drops when you subscribe more, it mainly encourages members to subscribe longer.


What is Victoria Milan?

Victoria Milan is European online dating site catering to in a relationship or married individuals looking for extramarital or secret affairs.

Is Victoria Milan free?

Creating an account and searching for users are free but you can purchase a premium membership to access other features such as sending and receiving messages.

Can I keep my anonymity on Victoria Milan?

Because of its controversial feature, members need to be kept anonymous. There is an Anonymizer feature that allows you to hide you face or identity when uploading your photo. Also, profile features are being reviewed first before they can be uploaded.

Is Victoria Milan available globally?

The site is international but mostly cater to most parts of Europe.

Does Victoria Milan have an app?

Yes, you can download the Victoria Milan app for free in Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and APK Pure.

Is it possible to change location on the site?

Yes. If you change your location to meet people from other parts of the globe however, the site preferences will change as well for you, giving options available only on that location.

Will Victoria Milan appear on my billing statement?

For confidentiality purposes, Victoria Milan will not appear on your billing statement and their anonymous billing name changes frequently.

How will I know my payment information is safe?

All your credit card information is encrypted and staff don’t have access to it.

Will my membership renews automatically?

Yes, but you have the option to turn off automatic renewal on your account setting.

Can I block a user in Victoria Milan?

Yes. Just go over their profile, click on the three dots displayed next to their usernameClick on the button ‘Block user’. You can also block members through chat as well.

Can I delete my Victoria Milan account?

Yes, you may do so on your account setting. You have to click on “this form” and request for a complete profile deletion.

Can I just deactivate my account?

Yes, you may temporarily disable your account. While deactivated, you may not receive any emails or notification pertaining to your account.

Can I cancel my Victoria Milan subscription?

You may cancel your membership at any time. You will receive a notice of termination via email but you will be charged for the entire amount on your initial sign-up period.

Can I Is Victoria Milan legit?

The site is real and legit but there are many fake members in their online community. Members can exercise their own judgment when dealing with a match on the site.


Victoria Milan’s platform as a whole caters those who wanted to have affairs outside of their relationship. Members here are guaranteed that the information they shared remains to be confidential due to the sensitivity of it all.

The site provides professional administrators who will monitor their community, including old and recent members on a daily basis. Every members can report activities as well as profiles who appear to be fraudulent and suspicious. At the same time, all the user who will violate the site’s Terms of Agreement will be immediately blocked.

It is easy to create fake names and profiles on Victoria Milan and the platform allows its members to do so for confidentiality purposes, it is an affair site after all. However, the site states that there are about a thousand real profiles here, registered by real people.


  • Quick registration
  • Safety guaranteed
  • Anonymity Features
  • Mobile app
  • Panic button


  • Mostly European users
  • Many fake profiles
  • Most features are available only through premium membership


Victoria Milan claims to be the number 1 site for those seeking extramarital affairs. As of date, the site also claims to have more than 6 million followers. While these may be true, there are still many fake profiles and users on the site. Members are encourage to report users who appear to be fake or suspicious.

The branding of the platform in general, is intriguing especially if you are in a committed relationship and is eager to look for someone else or if you want to have a short fun with someone else. But, success stories however are limited mainly because they don’t really want to share their experiences to protect their identity. But there are many anonymous people leaving positive reviews on the platform.

It is also good to note that many members of Victoria Milan are single individuals who are seeking to have affairs with married individuals. Most of these people are men. Number of women members are growing as well and they are mostly professional women who are looking for escape and have an affair outside of their relationship.

The site is generally safe and it will guide you along the way in hiding your identity. There are many features to help you with it like blurring your profile, concealing your information, a code for members who want to see your profile, and a panic button to click if someone entered the room while you are browsing the site. For someone who is really cheating, these features are definitely goo.

Victoria Milan guarantees that all your information is secured and not one from their staff will save your information especially those that contains your payment details.

Victoria Milan is legitimate and might work for someone seeking to spice things up. It is good to note however that Victoria Milan specifically encourages people to cheat on their partners. While it is a very good marketing point catering to a very unique and specific market, not all will understand and accept what it offers.

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