Itsjustlunch.com is another one of these dating sites on the internet, just with a very interesting twist to the way it does its matchmaking. The premise of its entire existence as one of the players in the dating scene is that dates are often the easiest to be done over a meal or a drink after work. Their main demographic and target audience are young adults and working professionals who are too tied up with work to be able to go out there and look for someone to be their life companion.
The site was first open in 1991, which makes it one of the pioneers of the online dating scene that we know today. It had a humble beginning in Minneapolis, Midwestern USA and now, Itsjustlunch.com serves people in over 150 countries worldwide, helping them find work over a quick date after their busy schedules.

How You Get Matched

  • Their match system is done completely by hand. Itsjustlunch.com has a group of skilled matchmakers that manually match people up based on their profile drawn up by matchmakers.
  • Their matchmakers will give you a call and personally note down all your preferences and what you’re looking for before finding the right match for you by hand.
  • Everything is arranged by your “dating concierge”. They pair you up with the best match they can find and even mediate things between both parties to arrange a date.
  • All matchmakers are given ample training before they begin working as matchmakers for the site. Their services guarantee a face-to-face date, as soon as you contact them.
Additional Features
  • You Matchmakers will go out and search for new matches for you, if the members that they have on file do not match what you need.
  • Matchmakers will help you set up the venue, date and time of the date, according to what works for both matched parties.

Available On :

  • Desktop
  • Mobile Website


itsjustlunch monthly memberships. The prices are as follow

Basic Profiles
1-month membership:
Case Basis
6-month membership:
Case Basis
12-month membership:
Case Basis

Site Safety

The personal information collected on the site is completely private and confidential. The information that you provide via their contact site will only be viewed and used by matchmakers that are under legal employment with Itsjustlunch.com. Aside from that, all your contact details such as your email, phone number and address will not be disclosed to a third-party, except to a match, about whom you have been notified and have agreed to go on a date with, solely under your discretion and permission. Also, their site is secured. All matches, in general, will only receive details of your first name and your general description to help identify you at the date venue. Any additional, relevant information can only be provided to them upon your approval.

Customer Support

Their customer support system is solely via phone and email. Most commonly, these two channels are how their clients request for an interview call-back from their matchmakers and also contact them for any issues they may be having with the website or the arranged date. You can also contact them via their social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. For quick answers on the most common issues of a website or basics on a date that has been arranged for you, you can always check their FAQs for extensive and detailed answers on any issues that you may be facing.


  • Specifically targeted at working professionals
  • Matching and date arrangement done for you
  • Personal touch by matching candidates manually
  • Guaranteed face-to-face date


  • Pricing can vary from case to case

Final Thoughts

Itsjustlunch.com is a very interesting take on dating, considering on how dating is done these days. Adding a personal touch of having an actual, human matchmaker match you up with other candidates is definitely a plus point, as they would be able to take into account the small details that only humans can pick up, based on your interview with them. The site also guarantees that you will definitely have a face-to-face date upon contacting them. They also take care of all the details such as contacting your date for you and arranging the date, time and venue for the meetup, which is extremely helpful if you’re constantly bogged down by work to be able to arrange these things yourself.

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