Elite Singles is one of the sites that caters to those looking for something more than a one-night-stand. The platform’s user base is mainly professionals who trying their luck at finding that special person. Almost 85% of their users come from a background with higher education, with a minimal qualification of a degree. And with 381,000+ new members on the site every month, and it operating in 25 different countries, bringing together about 2500 couples each month, you will definitely be able to find that smart and charming partner that you’ve always wanted.

How You Get Matched

  • EliteSingle’s match system is built upon the Five Factor Model theory personality test, which is known to be a detailed assessment of a person’s true self.
  • Their complex algorithm that matches you to your possible life partner based on the information that you enter into a personality quiz
  • The matching is also based on your search history and patterns.
  • Their comprehensive personality quiz provides the matching system with ample information to be able to create a profile for you and see which traits in a mate would be potentially the best match for you.
  • Their match system is so accurate that you only get 3-7 quality matches per day, unlike other sites that can suggest up to 30 matches a day.
  • The matches are sent to you directly, you don’t have to search through the profiles for a potential match.
Other Features
  • You can access your own personality profile, based on the quiz questions. This can help you see which areas you may stand out in and use them to your advantage.
  • You can send your matches private messages through their direct messaging feature.
  • They have an exclusive EliteSingles Magazine, with all the expert dating advice and tips and tricks that you need.
  • Their photos are screened and you can rest assured that the photo you see of your match is their actual picture.
  • Candidates that are slightly out of your ideal match will show up on their “Have You Met……” feature.
  • All profiles have Fraud Prevention and Manual Profile Verification for added safety

Available On :

  • Desktop
  • Mobile app : Android
  • Mobile app : iOS


Elite Single offers monthly memberships. The prices are as below

Basic Profiles
3-month membership:
$62.94 / month
6-month membership:
$44.95 / month
12-month membership:
$31.95 / month

Site Safety

The site is secured with 128-bit SSL encryption, which ensures that all your personal data and billing information will be held with strict confidentiality and protected using encryption codes. They also have Fraud Detection and Manual Profile Verification features to be certain that every profile on the site is a legitimate person and that all the details are accurate. Aside from that, you can easily report any profile that you find is shady or you suspect may be catfishing on the site. And, if you don’t like a match, you can easily delete them whenever you like and they would no longer be able to contact you.

Customer Support

Their customer support channels are open 24/7, but they do take some time in responding. You can contact them via their contact form on their site. If you need quick help, you can always have a look at their FAQ site and get the answers to your queries immediately. Their blog site also has all the tips and tricks on how to use the site, dating as well as grooming, to ensure that you’re well informed.


  • Accurate matches almost every time
  • Pool of educated and mature matches
  • Most are looking for a long term relationship
  • Fake profiles are constantly monitored and deleted
  • Personal Data deleted upon profile deletion


  • Full profile only available for paid members
  • Mobile app access available for paid members only
  • Limited age range
  • I have uniform grammar, pronunciation and more common words. If several languages coalesce

Final Thoughts

EliteSingles is perfect for those looking for a date where you can have conversations about the latest happenings in the world and discuss your passion for the things you do as a profession. And if you’re in it for the long run, you may like the options that you find here. The security of the site is also commendable, with ample site and data security measures. This ensures that all your private data is stored safely and accessed by only your match

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