CatholicMatch is a dating platform that introduces a faith-focused dating to catholic singles.

The site that started in 1999 was formerly known as SaithRaphael.net. It was founded by Jason LaFosse and Brian Barcaro, who at that time both have a work of their own. They created the site to help Catholic singles find their match.

The site serves as a sideline at first to the two founders because they saw the need for it in the online community. Upon joining of Mike Lloyd, the goal became more focused and the three worked together to further enhance the site. It became really active in the online community in 2004. In 2014, after encountering many challenges, they changed the name to CatholicMatch.com.

Fast forward to today, CatholicMatch is one of the largest Catholic dating site in the world. From 2,000 members in a span of 5 years, the platform grew and now has 1.5 million members worldwide

The site offers 12, 6, and 1 month worth of membership and has a variety of perks and features to be enjoyed by each of its members


  • CatholicMatch’s members are members of the Catholic church
  • The site is endorsed by many Catholic leaders around the world
  • The site was able to produce a lot of success stories and you can read a lot of it on the website as well.
  • The forums inside the platform are very active and insightful
  • Aside from being a dating site, CatholicMatch.com also serves as a support community for single Catholics and provide tips and support on living the single life with purpose and on dating in order to find a steady relationship that will lead to marriage in the future.


1,200,000 from USA
Members activity
16,500 daily logins
Gender Proportion
  • With Catholic being one of the largest religions in the world, the site has over 1.5 million members worldwide
  • More than 80% of its members are from the United States
  • It has almost an equal ratio of men and women members
  • It has about 16,000 logins daily
  • Thousands of new members are signing in each month
  • Premium membership to utilize the full feature of the site


  • Signing up is free
  • Complete your profile by filling up all the information needed
  • Upload photos
  • Membership and other perks are paid features
  • The platform recently launched its mobile app and is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play
  • Their profiles are extensive with lots of questions about yourself and your ideal match, which you can easily complete using options from their drop-down menu.
  • When signing up to CatholicMatch you can choose either to use your email address or sign-up by connecting your Facebook account.
  • Because of the exclusivity of the platform and its goal to match those seeking sacramental marriage, you will need about 30 minutes to sign-up and create your profile on CatholicMatch.
  • There are many blanks that you need to fill in, and many faith-related questions you need to answer. Some of these questions center of your lifestyle choices, your beliefs, and your interests. There are also a lot of Catholic related questions that you need to focus on as well. Some of these include how often you attend mass, what Catholic teachings you believe in, and your take on sex before marriage. After profile completion, you will need to upload your profile photo.
  • Once you are done with completing your profile, you will be able to see your dashboard where you can find profiles of the newest members near you or near your diocese.
  • The site is very easy to navigate. It also has a very modern feel and you won’t instantly get bored while browsing. Taking advantage of profile completion works extremely well since the algorithm of the site can help you find a good match through the information you have provided in your profile


  • On the dashboard or home menu of your account, you will find a list of searches of members near you and the latest blog and forum posts which you can freely join.
  • You can also begin searching for a match by typing in your interests. Your search can be as specific as possible and the platform will still return with a good list. And after a basic search, the platform will show a list of members with photos. You have the option to view the profile summary or visit the profile directly to get to know potential matches better.
  • If you are a free member, you can send emoticons with no additional cost and also like a profile by tapping on the heart icon. Members who avail of the premium subscription, however, have the option to send custom messages on the one they are eyeing.
  • All the searches you do can be saved. It can also be sorted by distance or by age. It has been said that about 1000 records will be shown for any search done on the platform.
  • Apart from searching, there is also a “Match” feature in which you will fill out a questionnaire in the Match Portrait section of the platform. Here, others who opt to complete the questionnaire will be part of your potential matches. The questionnaire is filled with survey-like questions about your interests and other preferences.
  • While it does take a lot of time, filling up the questionnaire is indeed fun for a lot of members. Once completed, potential matches will appear on your Match page for you to review. You can click the “Reveal” button to see the individual match and you have the option to select “No” if you are not interested. This will automatically remove the name from your list. If you click on “Yes” however, the match will remain for you to make the move. If they select “Yes” as well on their end, the platform will send both of notifications so you can start interaction.


  • CatholicMatch is full of unique features that members can benefit from. For one, they allow members, through their matching feature, to sort out their preferred matches so that the algorithm can catch up. Below are other cool features of the site:
  • Temperament Quiz
    CatholicMatch offers this quiz through its affiliated website so members can get a glimpse of the personalities of their potential matches. The result of the quiz is posted on the profile.
  • Emotigrams
    These are the emoticons available on the site that you can send freely.


  • Monthly subscription fee
  • How serious you are on finding a match
  • Your Catholic beliefs

CatholicMatch is a good platform because it works for a purpose and that is to help single Catholic individuals. They not only promote dating but marriage, in general, that is why you have to answer a lot of things about what you believe in. If you are really serious about finding a spouse, this dating platform will work for you but you have to put your full effort into it.

Membership is moderately on the upper price point. This means you really have to spend a lot to find a potential partner. However, with its good number of members, it is quite easy to get your own success story.

You also have to take into consideration your Catholic beliefs because this site, after all, is finding a match who has the same faith as yours.


CatholicMatch Membership monthly memberships. The prices are as follow

1 months
$29.99 /month
6-month membership:
$14.99 / month
12-month membership:
$9.99 / month

Site Safety

Safety and security for its members is one of the top priorities of CatholicMatch. As a matter of fact, it prides itself as a complete and safe place to meet Catholic singles.

There is a 24/7 security system that monitors the site for potential fraud and other suspicious activities.

The system also scans each account continuously to monitor behavior associated with scammers and those who have bad intentions. Accounts that appear to be suspicious are being reviewed and are removed in proven harmful for the community.

However, the privacy of members is being protected as well and the site won’t store private information on their end.

Members are also encouraged to keep their guards up and be vigilant for those with malicious intentions.


What is CatholicMatch?

CatholicMatch is a dating platform exclusively for Catholic single individuals hoping to find their lifetime partner

When does CatholicMatch started?

The dating platform started in 1999 but eventually changed its name in 2014 when it started to grow and became popular.

Is CatholicMatch legit?

Yes and it is currently the largest Catholic dating platform

Is CatholicMatch free?

Signing up and creating a profile is free but you have to subscribe and pay for a membership to fully utilize the site’s features

How much is a CatholicMatch membership?

Membership starts at $29.99 for one month only but there are other options you can choose from that range from 1, 6, and 12 months membership.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

You can’t cancel a current subscription but you can turn off the auto-renewal on your account so it won’t renew after your package expires

Is a match guarantee in CatholicMatch?

There are many success stories in the platform and if you sign-up for the 6 months membership subscription, they will guarantee you a match.

Where can I read about success stories?

It is actually found on their website

Is CatholicMatch safe?

Yes. The platform prioritizes the safety of its members that it has a security system set up to monitor the website from potential fraud and other suspicious behavior.

Can I join the forum inside CatholicMatch?

You can read in the forum if you are a free member but if you have a premium subscription, you can comment and post as well.

Does CatholicMatch have an app?

Yes, it currently launched its mobile app available on both Apple and Android users.

Can I hide my profile on searches?

Yes, there is an option to do that on your profile status in your account.

Can I delete my CatholicMatch account?

Yes, you have the option to do that. It will remove all the information and messages saved on your profile. Or you have the option to just keep it inactive.

Is there a customer service for CatholicMatch?

Yes, you can contact their support team at [email protected].


  • Exclusivity
  • Huge database
  • Members are encouraged through a faith-centered way of dating
  • Safe
  • Has launched a mobile app
  • Forums
  • Success stories you can read


  • There are a lot of things to fill-up on profile completion
  • You cannot distinguish a free member from paying member
  • High price point on subscription


CatholicMatch has created a huge community for Catholic singles and they have all the right intentions. The exclusivity they offered and the way people can find their matches through profile completion and other features are awesome as well..

Not only it is a site for dating but it also encourages members to take it seriously and aim for finding “the one” who has the potential to be a lifelong partner.

The forums, success stories, and guidance within the platform are a great way to engage the members. The subscription cost is a bit on a higher price point compared to other dating site but with the success stories and guaranteed matches, this seems pretty much ok to a lot of members. Its 1.5 million members can attest to that.

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