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Senior Singles & Online Dating

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  • Jul 28, 2020

Online dating, also known as internet dating is a dating system in which people introduce themselves virtually to have a long-term or short-term relationship with a potential connection. Online dating platforms are mostly websites and apps.

Online dating for seniors is slowly getting its pace. Searching online for a long-term partner is anything but new. Now that the superficial standards have worn down due to age, seniors think this is the right to settle down. In many cases, some senior citizens also join a dating site to try their luck for the second time after a divorce or a separation. 

While there are people who want a serious relationship, there are people who want to enjoy life without caging themselves into a long-term thing. They are more like free agents who just want to have a great casual fling and that’s why they try senior casual dating. Then again, some people only want to have a friendship, a drinking buddy with whom they can share a meaningful friendship. There are all sorts of people who want different things in life and people.

Seniors and Casual Dating

Let’s talk about the looks, shall we? The superficiality is a part of young people’s lives, I’m shamefully admitting that. While some seniors do focus on looks and physical attributes, it’s also true that most of the senior adults don’t care when it comes to aesthetic beauty. They understand that beauty and attractiveness fade away with time and that’s why senior people spend more time understanding and mentally connecting with their matches. They choose kindness, care, honesty over vain attributes, casually dating or not. That’s why you will notice many casual relationships take a more meaningful route of friendship and bonding. They become the best of friends because they don’t care about the looks or physical attributes as the core formula. Also, our tastes change with time.

Similarly, age doesn’t matter as well. Older people are not usually looking to settle down so they enjoy their time getting to people they meet. They understand that they don’t need to abide by petty societal norms, they are looking to have great experiences with people. While young adults do consider age, seniors don’t bother. They seek companions who would share the knack of having fun and share values. Looks and ages aren’t important features now to them it shouldn’t be for young adults as well. For seniors living happily every moment with a companion is the only thing that counts.

Problem Regarding Senior Dating

If you are looking to find meaningful relationships that end up in marriage, you are mostly going to be disappointed. When an elderly person signs up on an online dating site, a fair chance is he or she is looking for fun and nothing serious. They just want to take life a little less seriously by flirting or casually dating someone. What I mean to say is if you are looking for someone to fall in love and get married, the chance of finding that special someone on a dating website is pretty slim. They are looking for someone to share fun activities, get away from the mundanity, traveling together, or have a meaningful conversation.

What Should Seniors Know About Online Dating?

While online dating platforms do appear as a convenient place to look for people sharing the same interests, it can get a little complicated for elder people. These dating platforms are inclined towards the younger populations who are looking for a long term partnership or casual relationships. Younger people are more active on their phones and the internet, spending hours on dating services. Elderly people don’t have the time or feel the need to be on the phone constantly. So, if you aren’t an active website or app user, there’s little luck for you online, especially when the match count is limited.

Dating Tips For Seniors

1. Be Honest 

Many people raise an eyebrow when they hear the term casual dating. That shouldn’t stop you from trying. The first to do before you start your journey is to be very sure of what you want. Are you ready to date someone? Do you want a long-term relationship or a casual fling? Start dating only when you think you are ready. If you aren’t ready yet but still are forcing yourself to date, this wouldn’t go well for you. So make up your mind and sort out your priorities.

After you have made up your mind, ask and find your match, check if you and your match are on the same page. For example, if you are into casual relationships and your match is seeking long-term relationships, likely, the end result wouldn’t be satisfactory for both of you.


2. Don’t Blurt About Your Intention

When you find someone interesting the best way to know that person is to talk and know each other more. You tell them things, they tell you things, that’s how it works. If you want to ditch the romantic shenanigans and want a one night stand, don’t just blurt it out. Pursuing someone to sleep with you at one go is never good. Yes, I told you to be honest about your intentions and the things you want but don’t rush. That’s disrespectful to the other person, especially if they don’t see sex as a priority. Tell them politely about your intentions without being rude or dismissing what they want to say. If you guys are not on the same level just talk it out and part ways.


3. Watch For Red Flags

 While you are on a date, always engage in conversation and pay attention to details like how the other person reacts to a certain area of conflict, how he or she reacts to a sensitive issue, etc. Notice if the person makes harsh or disrespectful comments. Don’t let their appearance deceive you. If someone is too good to be true, it wouldn’t be a good idea to believe in every word they utter. Try to pay attention if they seem overly obsessed with their ex, this can be a huge red flag in a relationship. All of these may lead to problems in the future.


4. Maintaining Good Hygiene

Believe me, hygiene can make or break your image especially if it’s your first date with the said person. Nobody would want to date a stinky person no matter how good they look. Brush and floss daily and don’t skip using mouthwash. Shower everyday cause no amount of perfumes can hide your body odor. It’s best to keep chewing gums with you when you go to meet your person of interest. Taking a little time to groom yourself can increase your points in their good books.


Top Casual Dating Sites For Seniors


1. eHarmony

If you are someone with marriage on their mind, you can give Eharmony a try. Eharmony is the topmost dating site for finding love and forming long term relationships. The site offers you matches without the utmost compatibility. A list of questions will be presented to you when you sign up for their services to determine your traits and interests. Based on the answers they select your matches. If you are worried about your safety online, they have full control over that as well. They have a free version which lets you decide whether you want to use their services or not.


2. Elite Singles

Elite Singles are good for those who don’t want to indulge in the fuss of juggling numerous profiles at a time. It’s indeed a slow process where you will be given a limited number of hand-picked matches delivered to you every single day. Elite Single is suitable for 50 plus people who just want to have fun in life. The site would ask you 29 detailed questions about your life, preference, and personality. These answers would then be used to curate and deliver the perfect matches. If you prefer your match to be academically educated, good news for you cause the site includes matches with a degree. To keep your information safe and prevent fraud, it incorporates Fraud Detection Systems. This also means all the matches you get are authentic.


3. Silver Singles

Silver Singles is a particular website designed specifically for senior singles. Like Elite single, Silver Singles uses a similar method of personality test to fish out potential matches for you. Based on your level of openness to new experiences, extraversion, neuroticism, and agreeableness, the site pick 5 compatible matches every day. This means that you will be spared from all the unwanted attention from the other profiles. Finding someone annoying or suspicious? You can block the user and report instantly on Silver Singles.

The dating journey can be overwhelming but it’s fun if you understand how to do it while playing safe. If you have read the entire article, kudos to you for sticking by. Now, that you have gone through the entire post you will have some ideas as to what to do when you face a challenge either online or offline. And yes, don’t forget to take caution before you go on a date with someone for the first time. Always, choose a public place such as coffee shops or restaurants as your date venue. Take care!

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