How To Overcome First Online Date Jitters

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  • Sep 24, 2019

Almost everyone who is about to out on their first online date would be experiencing some degree of anxiety about meeting a complete stranger whom they have only spoken to and seen via a dating platform. Most of the time, when someone is about to go on their first online date, they would have only exchanged pictures and messages so there’s no way for them to know for sure what to expect. Among the signs of being anxious is constantly being worries about your outfit and your appearance and possibly even repetitive actions like pacing or drumming your fingers.

These little things can get a little annoying at times, for you and especially the people around you. You might be wondering, “How can I can alleviate myself from these bouts of anxiety?”. We have just the thing for you, with our list of ways to help you overcome those first online date jitters. Let’s see what they are.


#1 Take a Deep Breath

The best way to calm nerves is to take a deep breath and try to block out all the thoughts that are causing your anxiety. Try not to think about anything and relax. If you can find a good, quiet spot to have a seat, do so and close your eyes. If it helps, listen to some soothing music or any music that can help calm you down while you sit down and clear those nerves. Resist the urge to fiddle with anything else within your reach, just keep focusing on keeping your mind empty and ensuring that your breathing is deep and even.

#2 Keep Yourself Occupied

Take your mind off it by doing something that you like, for instance, reading a book or playing a mobile game on your phone. The main idea here is to distract yourself from the issues causing your anxiety and redirecting the energy into doing something else that is fun and entertaining to you. This way, you’d be focusing less on the things that cause your worry and you’d be much happier and calmer doing something that you enjoy doing.

#3 Make Yourself Comfortable

Making yourself comfortable only makes you much calmer and this will help to calm those nerves even before they can hit you. If you’re wearing something that is uncomfortable, change out of it and opt for something that makes you feel both confident and comfortable. Because, the last thing you need on top of an already stressful first date is to be squirming around in uncomfortable and possibly annoying clothing choices. It’s always better to dress for comfort rather than for the look.

#4 Talk to a Friend

Talking to a friend always calms nerves. While waiting for your date to arrive, give a trusted friend or family member a call. Tell them about your date and see if you can get them to spare a few minutes to speak to you. If you don’t feel like talking about your date, you can choose to ask them how they are and how their day went. Try to keep your mind on the conversation and not on the jitterbugs that you’re having, and in the heat of the conversation, they’ll go away on their own.

#5 Plan a Simple Date

Be sure to make your first date as simple as possible. Having to remember multiple things that you have to do or surprises that you have to carry out during the date would just be nerve-wracking for the both of you. Plan out a simple date at a quiet place, where you can enjoy each other’s company and have a good laugh over dinner. Having too many things at only a first date can seem a bit too overboard.


First date anxiety is completely normal and it’s totally fine if you’re experiencing it right now. Just be sure to give these tips and tricks a go and watch your nerves melt away in just a matter of minutes. And if you feel that the online site that you’re on doesn’t really suit your needs, you can check out our dating sites reviews to find a site that better first your dating style and personality.

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