How To Make Your Online Date Like You More

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  • Sep 23, 2019

When dating online, everything is done over the Internet, most commonly in an anonymous setting, and you don’t really know your date until it’s actually d-day. And most of us get the jitters when we’re about to meet our online love in person for the first time and we begin to get worried that they may not like us at the first meeting.

Not to worry, because this is something that almost everyone goes through on their online dates, especially their first one. To help alleviate some of the jitterbugs that you may have, we have some tips on how to make your online date like you more.


#1 Dress to Impress

Always remember that first impressions, most of the time, will determine everything. Get out your best outfit and do everything you can to look your absolute best on the day. Treat yourself to a haircut, and a facial, even. Make sure everything looks as impeccable as possible. At the same time, make sure that you’re comfortable in the outfit that you have chosen. The last thing you need is to be squirming about uncomfortably, in front of your date.

#2 Prepare Conversation Topics

Most people say that this is something that rarely works, but in actual fact, with the right approach, it can do wonders for you. First, do a bit of research on your date, find out what they like and don’t, their hobbies, their interests and their line of work. This way, you’ll be able to formulate a few casual questions around these main topics. It’s crucial to have conversation topics that also include your date, so that it does not seem like a one-way stream of words.

#3 Be Confident

“Confidence is key” applies to so many important situations, and this is one of them. If you lack confidence, people will be able to notice it and that in itself, is a huge put-off to lots of people looking for a partner. Just be sure to be yourself and have faith in your beliefs and are confident about your personal opinions. Most people looking for new love prefer someone who is able to take a firm stand in giving out their personal thoughts on a topic and at the same time, would love to see them passionately debate on an opinion that they may have. This gives them the impression that you’re able to fully function on your own and would be less likely to be a needy partner.

#4 Smile More

We get it, a first date can be quite nerve-wracking. However, lots of people forget to do one important thing at a date, to smile. This happens especially when they’re under pressure. No matter what happens, be sure that you’re always with a smile and pleasant disposition. Not doing so may cause your date to think that you may not like them and we don’t want that now, do we?

#5 Be Honest

Again, it’s important to be yourself and being honest is a component of that. If you’re nervous, let your date know about it as casually as possible. You’d be surprised how often this can turn into a solid conversation and lift all your nervousness. Also, if you disagree with anything that your date has said or done, come clean and tell them in the most diplomatic way possible. Remember to always be truthful and honest at all times throughout your date, people can read through lies and that definitely is not an impression you’d like to leave on the first meeting.


Meeting an online date after months or even years of only online interactions can be a nerve-wracking thing and these tips on how to make your online date like you more will definitely be able to help you lift your confidence and be more prepared to meet the person of your dreams in person. And if you haven’t found the one yet, maybe you’re on a site that does not match who you are. Check out our dating site reviews to see if you can find another dating site that would be a better fit with you.

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