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15 Fun & Meaningful First Date Ideas

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  • Jul 7, 2020

So you have asked your crush out? Asking out someone on a date is scary and many people don’t get it right. Some people fear the rejection and the humiliation of being rejected. Let’s start by saying that rejection doesn’t mean humiliation. Just because you didn’t succeed in your first attempt of asking someone, doesn’t mean you are a failure. First dates are more about having fun while getting to know each other. So, you don’t always have to take your date to a fancy restaurant (nothing wrong if you want to). Focus on spending quality time rather than spending money. This way your first date would be a pleasant one to remember in the future.

Oh, so your crush said yes to you? That’s marvelous! You must be feeling over the moon right now! Now that your date said yes, you need to figure out where you will take them on the date. Confused as to where to go and what to do? We are happy to help you out! Here are some first date ideas for teens or adults that might help you get a clue as to what to do.

1. Walk with nature

Taking your date to a walk doesn’t sound too romantic and quite mundane. But if done correctly and if you two enjoy walking, it’s enough to make your D-day interesting. I remember someone sharing their first date experience with me.  “It was a memorable date,” she recalled.  “We decided to walk in the park. While we kept walking quietly, the rain started pouring all of a sudden and we realized we didn’t bring an umbrella. As we both liked getting drenched in the rain, we enjoyed the moment.”

Now,  you don’t have to get drenched to make your date memorable and romantic. Taking a walk with your first date incorporating nature makes your date pleasant and less stressful as walking helps in lowering the stress level. You can bid adieu to anxiety while you are with your date.

2. Stargazing

This sounds pretty basic and cheap but if two you are into stargazing, this might do wonders. The idea of gazing at the starry night sky is considered romantic and filmy. Many people like calm and serene places where they can gaze at the dark sky, the moon and the little sparkly stars. Take your sweetheart to a serene place like that and watch the stars together, holding hands and sharing a few words. Trust me, both of you will feel like you are in a romantic movie.

3. Going to a museum

If you both have a shared love for ancient arts and the prehistoric era, going to a museum is the best way to pass your sweet time. It’s not as romantic and can serve as a low-key first date idea, but you both will find it easier to converse on a subject you both admire.

4. Go for a brunch

Brunch doesn’t show much romanticism in itself especially when it is more for professional people but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at a brunch. The idea of brunch is a simple – a way to learn about each other while eating. Remember, the first date is just a way to introduce each other. If you find each other interesting, you can go for more proper dates.

5. Go on a movie date

Ah, the classic movie date! You can’t certainly go wrong with that. Movie dates don’t need any extra effort or the overwhelming setup. A movie-watching date is very appropriate for people who are shy or are very introverted. If you two are movie-buffs, you are going to enjoy the movie and leave the theatre with a topic to talk about.

6. Go to an animal shelter

Muster up a little courage to ask if your dates like animals. And if your date happens to be an animal lover, bingo! Taking her/him to an animal shelter where they can play with puppies and kittens would certainly put a smile on your special person’s face in an instant. As a result, you might fall for each other, might end up adopting a furry friend or both.

7. Dining at a fancy restaurant

Some people don’t like spending money on a fancy dining place. Why do you need to spend money to have a good time? However, if you both have a fine taste for delicacies and wine, you might enjoy the idea of eating and chatting. If you want to impress her, a good rule of thumb would be knowing about her favorite dishes so that you don’t end up ordering the wrong food.

8. Long drive at night

After a hearty meal at the restaurant, it’s time for a nice long drive! If your date enjoys the eventide more than the daytime, she will enjoy the night time ride on a highway. The refreshing breeze brushing against your skin as you drive, the quiescent ambience and some soft romantic music playing in the car is bound to make the night younger.

9. Take your date to a bookstore

Do you know, you can find out your date’s personality and style based on the books they read? For instance, if your date enjoys reading romance novels, chance is they are romantic. Similarly, a person who enjoys fantasy novels is most likely to be a person filled with a rich and vivid imagination, a person who enjoys sci-fi genre is more inclined towards science. And if you both like the same genre, hurrah! The fun begins.

10. Watch Netflix together

When it comes to dating your best friend, Netflix is surely the matchmaker. If you happen to be dating your bestie, this might seem like a normal ritual for you two as you have grown up watching movies or series together. Think again! A Netflix date at home means bringing back all the beautiful memories you have shared by watching movies or series with each other as friends. Be goofy, be extra and be everything you want to be. Binge-watch a classic rom-com or sit-com series and laugh like children. At one point when your girl would rest her head on your shoulder, this would make you cherish the moment. And girl, if you are feeling spooky while watching a horror movie (yeah some people do watch a horror movie on a date) just hold him tightly, he’d like the idea.

11. Cooking for two

Are you a good cook? Do you want to impress your date with your cooking skills? Why not invite them to your house for dinner? I see it as a more intimate and special rendezvous where you two can be together without all the commotions. You can chat about your entire day, your work-life plus have fun together. If you both love cooking, then you can assist each other as well.

12. Go for shopping

You don’t need to break the bank for shopping. But if you want to give your honey a gift, taking them to the mall sounds like a viable option. That way you would save yourself from the embarrassment of giving them the wrong gifts. Apart from that, you can walk around the mall and make your way to the food court for a pleasant cup of cold coffee or a tub of ice cream. If you two love playing games, head to the gaming sections where you can have tonnes of fun together. 

13. Go to a concert 

People often choose live concerts for their first date because the music makes them feel lively and energetic. However, buying a ticket to a concert is a little expensive as the ticket fee depends on the artists performing at the concert. If you have made up your mind to take your date to a concert, consider saving some money to buy the tickets. But at first, be sure to know whether or not your date likes to go to concerts.

14. Watch the sunset

If there’s a beach nearby, ask your date to come along with you. And if they ask why just say “to watch the sunset together”. Sitting at the beach, hearing the gush of waves and under the sunset hit differently when you are with your loved one. You get to witness the transition from the evening to the night and may enjoy the scenic beauty. This will uplift both of your moods and you’d be surprised how smoothly your conversation flows.

15. Karaoke night

Do you guys enjoy karaoke nights? If you want to keep things light and fun on your first date then doing karaoke could be the best thing to do. Doing karaoke together can bring up the playfulness and goofiness in you. Find out for yourself if you are good singers or the worst! Don’t fret if you goof up, nobody is going to judge you. Couples who go to karaoke nights are more comfortable with each other while singing in front of other people without fearing of getting judged. All you need to do is take up the mic and start singing! 

These are some fun and cheap date ideas that you can consider. Going on a date is exhilarating yet stressful for some. The last piece of advice for you is, don’t take it very seriously. You don’t have to excel on impressing someone. Sure you don’t want to ruin the experience but even if you do it doesn’t matter. Some great relationships started because the couples didn’t fear goofing up or being themselves. So, have fun and laughter because, in the end, it’s the memories you are going to cherish.

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