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Tips And Advice on Dating an Asian Woman

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  • Aug 18, 2020

Dating Asian girls is as exciting as dating any other girls. But whatever you do, please don’t be stereotypical! Sticking to Asian girls stereotype is stupid when you are dating a girl from countries like Japan, China, Korea, etc. People from western countries are more likely to be stereotypical and think there’s no wrong with standardizing. Yes, just like other cultures, Asian cultures are different and extrinsic. Treat them as a real person and not by labels because everyone deserves respect. Remember, people can date anyone despite cultural multifariousness, faith, ethnicity, and gender. So, be respectful to interracial couples as well, don’t ask silly questions like, “Do you prefer Asian women more?” or “How are Asians in bed?” That’s offensive, and nobody would appreciate you utter such nonsense.

So, are you having a crush on an Asian lady? Great! But before you ask her out, there are some things to keep in mind. You need to accept her personality and not ask cringe-worthy questions like “why are your eyes so small?”. Remember, she is a real person and not an object you would fetishize. Unless you know fluent Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, etc.), don’t try to speak or, even worse, mimic how they talk. Respect her and teach others to respect her and her culture when they start objectifying her. Don’t crack racist jokes about any race, and that’s a must for dating every human in the world. Also, don’t just fake respect just because you want to date the girl. If you can’t look at the person past their race, then there’s something very wrong with you. There, I said it!

Dating an Asian woman 

Here is some Asian dating advice you should follow:

Be honest with your intention

Asian women prefer straightforward people who don’t play games. Also, they would appreciate it if you frankly tell them. They are not good with hints. They like to see the authenticity of a person. For them to understand you more, you need to be expressive. If you just prefer casual sex and nothing long term, be open. Tell them precisely what you want from them. That way, you won’t be stringing them along and giving them the choice of whether to date you or not.

Don’t force her

Don’t push her or rush things according to your liking. If you think the relationship dynamic is very slow-paced and you aren’t comfortable with how things are going, talk to her about it. Having good communication is vital for understanding each other’s needs. Also, if you want something serious from her, don’t jump to bed too soon. Give her time to like you, and you can only do it when you allow her to be herself. Forcing means domination, something that no girls would like. So, be careful!


Don’t belittle her

Don’t ask her questions that would bother her even more. For example, saying vague things like, “I heard that Asian people don’t know much English, is it true?” While you might think this is just a typical question, it’s not. What made you think that Asian people aren’t affluent in English? The movie depiction of Asian people? The tv commercials? And even though they aren’t pro in English, this doesn’t make them any less human. After all, one can always learn a language if they want.

Here’s something that bothered me even though I am not Asian. I have heard someone referring to Asian women (Japanese) as “cute little humans,” which is very distasteful and obnoxious. You don’t need to label anyone anything! And if your friends and peers do these sort of things in front of her, politely tell them off. 

Tips to consider when you are dating an Asian girl


Show some manners

Asian women are polite, even the boldest ones. Now is not a good time to enter into a debate about whether politeness is a good thing or not. But if you are dating a traditional Asian, you should know that Asian families teach their children to be courteous and kind. You’d find that they have fantastic table manners, which might make you a little self-conscious if you have a knack of not following them. And nope, you don’t need to eat using chopsticks to impress your girl if you don’t know how to use it. However, if you do have practice, by all means, use them. This would make her feel a little more comfortable seeing you eating like her. Also, don’t be rude to the waiters or people in front of her. As a woman of dignity, she wouldn’t be tolerant of such nonsense behavior from anyone.


Give her genuine compliments

Everyone loves praises that come from the heart. Asian women don’t need compliments to survive because they know they are fantastic. But if you do want to compliment them, notice their qualities first. Don’t say, “You are very kind” when you literally know her for a couple of minutes. If you know her previously, you can say that to her, though. Observe the perfume she spritzed on her, the dress she’s wearing, her lipstick shade, etc. See if you find them flattering. If you do, tell them how you feel. If you like her smile or the way she giggles, tell her without any embellishment. But refrain from giving lewd compliments, especially on the first date. It might not be received well.


Dirty talks

This issue needs to be talked separately. First of all, first dates aren’t perfect for initiating dirty talks with a few exceptions, of course. After you have known her for a while, slowly take this further. Ask if she is okay with this. Usually, in western culture, you can have sex after a few dates. But it’s a different scenario for Asian people. Traditional Asian women are conservation and thus wouldn’t be comfortable with the setting. I’d advise you to flirt with her once in a while. A girl will always flirt back if she is interested in you, so you don’t always have to take the cue. You can ask her what is the most attractive quality of you according to her or what she thinks of you. These work wonders, trust me!


Paying the bills

The depiction of a woman being traditional is wrong in so many ways; it’s annoying actually. People tend to believe that being a traditional woman means they are damsels in distress. That holds no truth to it whatsoever. They are strong women with a kickass attitude but are kindred spirits. Therefore, you don’t need to guard an Asian or women of any race. You also don’t need to do the honors of paying the date bills. They can easily do that! In fact, most Asian women would want you to let her pay. If you are a chivalrous man who still wants to pay for the date, split the bill. That way, you get to be the gentleman with a sense of respect toward your girlfriend.


Don’t act preachy

Okay, that’s the last thing you would do to impress someone. Whether she is a modern or a traditional Asian woman, you should not be the one to teach her how Asian cultures work. Neither she expects you to turn into an Asian “by heart.” My point is, be uniquely you! That’s the first reason why she chose to date you. If she wanted to date a fellow Asian, she wouldn’t have chosen you. It stings a bit, but that’s true, my friend. You don’t need to take her on an Oriental cuisine just because she is Asian. Don’t assume she likes sushi just because she’s Japanese. It’s also not surprising that just because she is Korean, she’d like K-pop, you get the drill. Every person is unique, regardless of their cultures. 


And please, I urge you to refrain from using the sentence, “It’s unfortunate how you don’t know much about your culture.” The entire sentence is negative and makes you sound pompous. There’s no need to shame her. You might like Asian cultures more than an Asian does, but you just can’t tell someone off for not knowing things about their culture or tradition.

In the end, remember that an Asian woman differs from a Western woman. So, things Asian girls like will vary. To sum it up, don’t talk about sex blatantly till you both are comfortable with the topic, don’t kiss in public too soon, don’t make them feel weak and don’t try to teach them. Respect her culture and don’t point out flaws about it. Any wrong compliment can make you lose her. Have a little bit of decency and manners when you meet her. Treat humans like – I don’t know – humans? Anyways, that was a massive list of tips and advice on dating an Asian woman. If reading the article has made you feel queasy or if you find these tips hard to follow, then I’d suggest you not to date an Asian woman.

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