10 Tips To Get Back In The Game After a Divorce

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  • Sep 23, 2019

A divorce can both be physically and mentally challenging. What with the continual, intruding questions from others, managing the kids and the current domestic state of affairs, sometimes you just feel like you need a hand to help you sort this mess out. That’s when you’ll begin to consider the world of online dating. Face it, it does get very lonely after a divorce and there is no shame in wanting to go back to the world of companionship, even if you’ve just endured a separation.

The question is, how do you even get started? Are you ready to be out there again? Most would say no. To them, it seems like an impossible task. But, in actual fact, dating after a divorce is more common and quite simple, really. You just need to know what to do and how to do it, which is why we came up with a list of 10 tips that you can use to get back in the game of dating after a divorce.


#1 Take it Slow

Of course, you’re eager to get this party started, but you’ve just healed from a divorce so it makes more sense to take things slow and properly get to know your new love before you jump head-first into a stable relationship.

#2 Get A Makeover

That’s right. Go out for a leisurely shop and get yourself a brand new outfit, invest in pampering yourself. When you look great, you’ll feel great and naturally, you’d be more ready to go get that relationship. If you need to, hit the gym and get that body back in shape. Do everything you can to get that confidence back.

#3 Be Optimistic

Always look on the bright side of things and believe that there is a love out there that is your and is waiting for you. This will give you a better outlook on things and help you be more objective about your life and the people that you want to invite into it.

#4 Get on a Dating Site

There are plenty of dating sites that you can choose from these days and lots of these sites have actually been proven to be able to deliver results. Just look at all those happy couples in their “Success Stories” sections. If you’re in need of one, check out our list of dating site reviews and see if you find any one that fits your dating style.

#5 Meet New Friends

Go out there and start making new friends, Whether it’s by attending a friend’s home-party or even by signing up for a new class at your local community club, do things that involve meeting new people and put yourself out there in new surroundings, which are more socially-inclined.

#6 Be Confident

When it comes to dating, confidence definitely plays a key role. You need to be comfortable in your own skin and be able to express yourself with an air of certainty and firmness. This will be a great indicator of your emotional stability as well as your personality as a whole.

#7 Leave the Past Behind

Try to avoid the topic pf your past and your divorce as much as possible. There are times that when we do dig up such things from the past, we can get emotional, without us realizing, and that way, you may unknowingly ruin the atmosphere of the date with your negative experiences with your past relationship.

#8 Have a Good Support System

Make sure you always have a strong and stable support system behind your every move. They can be family or even close friends who have seen you through the ordeal of divorce. When you have emotional days or are uncertain of what you’d like out of a relationship, they may be able to help add some clarity to the situation.

#9 Decide What You Want

Make sure you already know what you want out of a relationship before you begin dating. Be honest about your physical and personality preferences in a mate and be sure to factor in other important things like family, kids and your current situation or financials. Keeping expectations clear will help avoid unnecessary emotional turmoil.

#10 Talk to the Kids

You will need to explain to the kids about the possible presence of a new person in your lives and prepare them for it. Kids need time to process such information and it’s better for you to ease them in early so that they would be able to accept the new person that you have in your life.


Dating again after a divorce does not need to be hard. Just be as true to yourself as possible and you will attract the right person soon enough. Try out a few dating sites and mingle around. If you need more options, you can always check out our list of dating site reviews to help you find better matches.

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